About Us

Crafting enduring homes.

Creating timeless designs and enduring homes, LDS is a Melbourne-based property development and investment group. An unwavering commitment to strength in design has earned the team a solid reputation for delivering residential projects of the highest standard.

LDS is renowned for delivering enduring homes that evolve alongside residents’ changing needs. Taking a human-centric and holistic approach to property development, the team consistently deliver outstanding project outcomes by designing each home for its unique site and context.

A family-owned and operated business, LDS is built on a strong foundation of trust, respect and integrity. The team treats each client as part of the ‘family’ and takes enormous pride in leading from a position of trust, honesty and transparency.

Meet The Family

Lal De Silva | Founder & Managing Director

A born entrepreneur, Lal has strong instincts when it comes to property design and development. He established LDS Property after identifying a gap in Melbourne’s property market for classic, well-considered homes with longevity and enduring value. As founder and managing director, he plays a pivotal role in project planning, development and delivery.


Driven by the intrinsic belief that the property industry must continuously adapt and evolve to meet people’s needs, Lal is always seeking new ways to create value for investors. He focuses the human touch that’s so often lacking in today’s property market, elevating houses to homes with artwork and gardens. Whatever project he is overseeing, Lal is already considering what will come next.

Kyle De Silva | CEO

When asked by his father to step up as CEO of the family business, Kyle didn’t hesitate. A lifelong interest in building design and business management made him a natural at coordinating residential projects and building stakeholder relationships. A solid understanding of finance, marketing and other core business functions helped him cement LDS’s reputation as property market leaders.


After several successful years at the helm, Kyle is as excited as ever to see projects meet, or as is often the case, exceed clients’ expectations. His family values run deep, inspiring him to build genuine and long-lasting relationships with clients, stakeholders and the community. Kyle likens being a property developer to being the conductor of a symphony, where collaboration and organisation are absolutely essential.

Rachael Bowden | General Manager

At an early age, Rachael decided she wanted to work in the property industry. After studying Social Science (Planning) at RMIT University, she began working as a development and planning manager. In the years since, she has forged longstanding working relationships with government authorities and global stakeholders and successfully delivered over 30 residential and commercial property projects.


Throughout her career, Rachael has demonstrated an impressive grasp of all phases of property development: from procurement of land to feasibility analysis; construction briefing to project delivery. Her excellent communication and negotiation skills, combined with her innate understanding of what clients want, make her an indispensable asset at LDS. Rachael is at her happiest when she is collaborating with Melbourne’s best architects and builders to deliver built legacies that last.

Jessica Bui | Sales and Business Operations Manager

With a background in real estate and a firsthand appreciation of the buying and selling process, Jessica has a unique understanding of the property development industry. She supports the Business through every stage of project development, from research, marketing and design to construction and sales.

Her strengths and expertise include managing the operations and client liaison aspects of residential property developments. Jessica’s ability to effectively engage clients and stakeholders is indispensable in driving value for investors and commercial outcomes for LDS. She enjoys collaborating with clients to find opportunities within challenges and promote mutual trust and respect.

Elaine Rattray | Financial Controller

A financial expert with an eye for detail, Elaine manages the analysis and financial planning that governs LDS. After completing an accounting and finance degree at Deakin University and an Associate CPA in her professional repertoire, Elaine initiated her career with various commercial and residential property organisations. 

She has successfully led a mixed-use joint-venture development deal worth over $100m in Melbourne, a significant agribusiness acquisition, and managed the government licensing and planning permits for developments in the Northern Territory. Her intrinsic understanding of the property industry allows her to provide the right financial advice and project support. Believing that numbers tell the story of business success, Elaine’s astute judgement has been the guiding light for LDS when making financial decisions and investing in developments.